How old am I?

So I got a new camera. Be expecting posts of pictures, as I am becoming an aspiring photographer. I just need to be more confident when I want to snap those award winning shots. The above picture is of my house. Isn’t it pretty? It looks nice and cool with that pretty blue. Too bad it is a concrete oven and is unlivable. 🙂


Myra, Lucy’s mother. (An earlier post entitled Lucy has a black eye is about Myra and her daughter).

Peace Corps Office


About Sarita

Sara Evjen was born March 5th, 1986 in Albion, Ca and is the oldest of three girls. Sara moved to Oregon with her family at the age of 5 and grew up in a little neighborhood called Sellwood. She attended Llewellyn Elementary, Sellwood Middle and Cleveland High. She graduated high school in 2004 and moved to Eugene, OR to attend the University of Oregon. Sara completed her studies at the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Family and Human services, a Minor in Business Administration and a concentration in Spanish. Sara is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in the Dominican Republic and working with marginalized youth and families living in poverty. She is set to return to the states in December 2012 and plans to pursue a Masters in Social Work or a PhD in Counseling Psychology.
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1 Response to How old am I?

  1. mr Harry says:

    Yuo are the whole package and then some.

    Lu v ya always

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