One Month in Country

In memory of a life left behind and a new life begun, here is a list of things that I have and have not done IN A MONTH!

But first, a song that I have sung to me on a daily basis. The chorus, in english, says “I want an Americana, in order to get my visa”.

Pa Manga Mi Visa

Click on the above link to listen. I dunno how to put the song into the post. If you know how, tell me.

In the past month I have NOT…

  1. Showered with running water
  2. Flushed toilet paper
  3. Hurt myself
  4. Smoked a cigarette
  5. Consumed more then one beer in a sitting
  6. Drank more then 2oz of coffee in a sitting
  7. Cried
  8. Kissed someone
  9. Eaten peanut butter
  10. Not eaten plantains
  11. Eaten cereal
  12. Played rummy
  13. Hugged someone
  14. Eaten fast food
  15. Driven a car
  16. Rode a bike (I actually haven’t done that in like 6 months, but shhh)
  17. Gotten a paycheck
  18. Washed my underwear in a washing machine
  19. Spent more then 2 dollars in a day
  20. Not eaten a meal that included rice, beans and advocado
  21. Gone grocery shopping
  22. Ate Mexican food
  23. Consumed anything spicy
  24. Gotten sunburned
  25. Seen a giant jumping tarantula
  26. Been in a car with less then 7 other people (and I am talking about small cars)
  27. Cooked my own meal
  28. Eaten an apple
  29. Enjoyed the awesomeness of Eggs Benedict
  30. Lived in the same location for more then two and a half weeks.
  31. Slept under a mosquito net

In the past month, I HAVE…

  1. Listened to regeton, marangue and bachata every day
  2. Spoken Spanish every day
  3. Made new friends
  4. Started to do yoga
  5. Started to run
  6. Read two books
  7. Traveled to four different places in the DR
  8. Been to Catholic Mass three times
  9. Eaten a hamburger from the street at 3 am (best hamburger EVER)
  10. Been to a “carwash” and danced until 1 am
  11. Forgotten how to speak and write in English
  12. Missed my family and friends
  13. Broke my IPhone
  14. Swam in the Caribe
  15. Watched a baseball game
  16. Been in five states and two countries
  17. “Hitchiked” or caught a “bola”
  18. Been cold
  19. Stopped chewing on my hair
  20. Been very lonely
  21. Not been alone for more then 1 hour (unless I am sleeping)
  22. Eaten a “perro caliente” (hot dog) on a stick
  23. Been lost
  24. Left something important somewhere
  25. Picked an avocado from a tree and ate it
  26. Held a machete
  27. Hiked up a giant hill
  28. Missed someone I didn’t think I would miss
  29. Been heartbroken
  30. Been caught in a tropical storm
  31. Been in an over packed bus that almost tipped over (not to worry, I had an escape plan)


About Sarita

Sara Evjen was born March 5th, 1986 in Albion, Ca and is the oldest of three girls. Sara moved to Oregon with her family at the age of 5 and grew up in a little neighborhood called Sellwood. She attended Llewellyn Elementary, Sellwood Middle and Cleveland High. She graduated high school in 2004 and moved to Eugene, OR to attend the University of Oregon. Sara completed her studies at the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Family and Human services, a Minor in Business Administration and a concentration in Spanish. Sara is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in the Dominican Republic and working with marginalized youth and families living in poverty. She is set to return to the states in December 2012 and plans to pursue a Masters in Social Work or a PhD in Counseling Psychology.
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6 Responses to One Month in Country

  1. Ted says:

    Fantastic! Do well in all you do.

    Here’s a helpful link on how to embed MP3s for your next post!


  2. Kirstin says:

    Does “carwash” actually mean “bathhouse”?

  3. Max says:

    I’d say the “Have” list trumps the “Have not” list in a lot of major ways! I think this is going to be an awesome experience for you, hang tough!

  4. Rele'e says:

    I am so proud of you. No words L.P. except 3….I miss you.

  5. warren stone says:

    sounds like you are having a great time.

  6. I like this weblog, will definitely occur back. Be sure to continue composing top top quality subject matter.

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